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Ministry of Environment and Forests have released guidelines on managing human leopard conflict.
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Maharastra Forest Department
The Rufford Small Grants
Foundation, U.K
Charlotte - Live Mint 1 Oct 11.
Waghoba Chya Ghosti - A book on the work".
Sugarcane Leopards
Down to Earth February 2011 - Leopards in our alley
May 2009 - B2 moving towards Chakradhara - Right Flank
May 2008 - B2 walking towards us.
May 2008 - B2 coming out of his resting place, Ghoda Demon.
March 2005 - B2 in haste at the Mirchaini grasslands.
This is an indicative map. The territory of a tiger changes a bit every season depending on various reasons. The dotted area was once the entire territory of B2. Now his area has shrunk and the dark green patch has been taken over by his son the Bamera Male.
Press Release on "Mumbaikars for SGNP" project
Wildlife without borders
~ By Vidya Athreya
Lessons from human - wildlife conflicts
~ 26th August 2010